Batch Test Your Natural Language Understanding Model Alexa Skills Kit

In the next set of articles, we’ll discuss how to optimize your NLU using a NLU manager. Some frameworks allow you to train an NLU from your local computer like Rasa or Hugging Face transformer models. These typically require more setup and are typically undertaken by larger development or data science teams. There are many […]

How to Find and Hire Dedicated iOS Developer with No Risk

Content Product development Everything You Need to Know Before You Hire an iOS Developer Middle iOS developers The Process of Selecting Candidates in Stfalcon Educational Software Development Do you have an interesting project? These engineers are upto – date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality […]

How to Create Strong Remote Work Culture in 2023

Because there is an implicit trust in your teammates and because there is no other way to measure results in a remote team, the team inherently evaluates each other on what was completed that week. We do this by sharing weekly updates on our internal blog every Friday—I bet you can imagine how it would […]

IT Strategy Examples & Best Practices

This way you are able to identify any potential issues early on, and work to address them before they become major obstacles. The strategy building process begins by evaluating the current state of the organization’s IT capabilities, infrastructure, and systems. Technology such as 3D modeling, digital twins and simulations can help with enhancing product […]

Fundamentals of Cloud-based Application Security Testing

Content When Does Cloud Penetration Testing Occur? How does cloud-based application security testing work on a high level? Application Security and Controls What are the different types of application security tools? Main Approaches to Application Security Testing Cloud Testing Vs Conventional Testing *We are fully operational during this Coronavirus crisis and remote COVID-safe services are […]